BoreSaver Ultra C

BoreSaver Liquid

Used after the BoreSaver Ultra C clean out, BoreSaver Liquid is a weekly treatment that will help keep your bore operating at peak efficiency.

BoreSaver Liquid is added to bores where iron residues build-up in the pump, screen, headwork’s and reticulation system.

This product is designed for use after the bore  and pump have been cleaned with BoreSaver Ultra C.

BoreSaver Liquid is a powerful concentrated flow improver for systems affected by the iron and oxide residues.

Good Reasons To Use BoreSaver Liquid

•It is powerful, effective, and economical

•BoreSaver Liquid stops iron residues in the bore and delivery system.

•It is particularly effective on iron slimes.

•It is safe for the bore and pump.

•BoreSaver Liquid is so powerful you may only need 50 to 100 mL per week.

•Safe for stock and domestic water.

•Allows your bore pump and the linked pipes to maintain their maximum flow   values.

•All this only costs a few dollars per week.

•It can be dosed manually or automatically


Iron Oxide Well Cleaner

A Powerful Cleaner for Water Supply Systems.

Mine Site Approved

Boresaver Ultra C completely removes iron oxide deposits that build up in wells, bores, pipes and pumps. Its use improves water supply quality, increases output and extends the working life of pumping equipment and accessories.

1.Maximum Power

2.Approved and Certified

3.Proudly made in Australia

Certified by the NSF for use in potable water supplies, it is safe, easy to use, and environmentally friendly.

How to use Boresaver Ultra C

Boresaver Ultra C comes in a powder form that is added directly to the well or borehole. The amount to use is based on the volume of water in the bore or well to be treated. Agitation, using any of the standard well rehabilitation methods, loosens and dissolves the deposits so they can be pumped away safely. Suitable techniques including surging and brushing, air lifting and pump-in recycling. The ideal cleaning time period is 24 to 48 hours.

Technical Advice

Our technical department is on hand to advise you on how to use Boresaver Ultra C and the best way to implement an ongoing maintenance programme after the initial clean. 

Ongoing Maintenance

Whilst all iron oxide deposits can be removed, it is not possible to completely eliminate iron related bacteria contamination. However, regular use of Boresaver Ultra C can control the problem and ensure the well/bore and pumping equipment is working at maximum efficiency. The frequency of follow up cleaning will be determined by the natural conditions in the system although a twice yearly maintenance programme is recommended.

70 m depth

58 m depth